Vaping could be as harmful as smoking

It can be a difficult and expensive task when trying to quit the habit of smoking. With the new electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) industry, which provides a less harmful method in alternative smoke, many are now turning to this new alternative with the other means of quitting falling behind. Below is a list of possible methods and the costs involved for each.

Costs (new)

It is easy to see why many people turn to e-cigarettes. They are relatively cheap and still allow the user to perform the activity of ‘smoking’. Nicorette gum has become unpopular due to the high costs involved and Champix, a three month pill prescription, has had many negative reviews amongst users which include adverse psychological effects.

Tom Voogt, a fourth year Rhodes university student who has been using an e-cigarette for the past eight months, says that it has not helped him quit the habit of smoking. “I recommend not buying anything smoke related if you are serious about quitting. It is definitely healthier for you but the fact that you are still inhaling nicotine may make you want a normal cigarette.”

E-cigarettes are products that deliver a nicotine-containing aerosol (commonly called vapour) to users by heating a solution typically made up of either glycerin or propylene glycol, together with water and various flavouring agents. Studies have shown that the more predominant of the two foundational ingredients – propylene glycol – can produce certain carcinogenics when heated at a certain level.

Reports from the Nicotine and Tobacco Researchers at Oxford University found that vapors from e-cigarettes contain toxic, carcinogenic compounds. Both solvent and battery output voltage significantly affect levels of carbonyl compounds in e-cigarette vapors. High-voltage e-cigarettes may expose users to high levels of carbonyl compounds.

E-cigs ingredients

So if you’re serious about quitting smoking the best method may not be the cheapest, but if you’re looking for a healthy alternative then e-cigarettes are the way to go.


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