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Be careful what you wish for

When you’re seven years old and some of your best friends are fictional characters created by Roald Dahl and JK Rowling, those four-eyed kids seemed like the coolest because they also seemed like the smartest. I begged my mother for a pair of glasses, convinced that they would give me some sort of super-reading-power, and she said yes.

She was lying, of course.

It was only until 2015, fourteen years after I made that long-abandoned wish that it finally came true. Sitting at a rugby game, I could not read the scoreboard at all until I tried on my blind-as-a-bat friend Steph’s glasses and there the words and numbers clearly were. I booked an appointment with the optometrist the very next day.

The optometrist, Dr Liné van As  diagnosed me with something called accommodation deficiency, which means in simple terms that my eyes abilities to adjust between near and far are barely existent. Accommodation is “the ability to shift visual attention from one viewing distance to another.” As a result of reading far too many things in far too near proximity, my eyes are now stuck and I have a brand new pair of specs to show for it.

The interesting thing about my poor eyesight is that it was largely self-inflicted, and can also be self-helped http://www.slideshare.net/Amrit_Pokharel/accommodation-insufficiency-treatment-16755957. Dr van As described an exercise in which I have to read something close, blink, and then read the same word far away, using one eye at a time. Apparently this is supposed to teach my eyes how to relax themselves again, but with my busy student schedule, getting this done daily is a difficult task. Unfortunately, she explained that just as with any exercise, results should only begin to show after months of dedication.

Instead, I am slowly getting used to the glasses, and so are my friends as they constantly remind me that glasses are just the cherry on top of my personality, whatever that means. I have however discovered some things I suppose all four-eyed people experience, which was verified when I stumbled upon this post– like the fact that I can no longer drink tea without my glasses steaming up or trying to watch a movie lying down and my frames refuse to cooperate. I guess the moral of the story is the age-old saying; “be careful what you wish for.”


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