Grahamstown residents get fit with Bootcamp

Grahamstown residents have a new and fun way to work out, thanks to the 24Fit Bootcamp challenge started by Herbalife ambassador Jaylynne Hillier and instructor Carey Moraladi. For just R100, anyone can sign up four a four-week long bootcamp that runs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 5:15 pm and Saturday at 9:15am on the Great Field.

The programme is aimed at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle amongst all the Grahamstown residents. The workouts consist of toning, cardio and fitness, with park runs on Saturdays. The programme also offers body assessments and fitness evaluations and monitors clients’ progress along the way.

The fact that children are allowed to attend is convenient for mothers who struggle to find time to workout. Using nature as the venue offers a fresh relieve from the confines of a traditional gym.

Moraladi urges anyone who is interested in changing their lifestyle to join the Bootcamp challenge. To register contact Jaylynne on 0737348587 or For more information, visit their Facebook page at spartan24fitness:Grahamstown.


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