Operation: Clean up

A cleaning operation of the Sugar Loaf Hill and its surrounding areas that  have been fouled and littered has been removed.

The cleaning up of this particular area aims to make a showcase project- to encourage the local community as well as other public-spirited citizens who are concerned with the well-being of their environment to join in and make a difference.

A minimum of 100 people were required/expected to clear up the refuse, but the number had doubled after the Principal of Mary Waters High School, Faith Coetzee, agreed to send 100 of the school’s pupils to get involved because most of the school’s pupils are from that area.

The Makana Municipality, SA Army, Police and other NGOs will be present as well as the Ward Councilor, Marcelle Booysen and Ward Committee were on hand for the purpose of interviews.

“The aim is to encourage people to think differently,” said Tim Bull, one of the key organizers of this project.

The clean-up was scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 5th May 2015 and proved to be a success.

In the weeks leading up to the clean-up, the key organizers of the Sugar Loaf Hill will be going door to door to invite residents in the area to participate in this initiative.

The clean-up may have only lasted for the duration of the day, but residents are strongly urged to take this initiative further in terms of keeping the area clean.

The showcase project hoped to be one of many to come; once members see the changes in the area other areas where the issue of pollution persists will then also be targeted.

“We have tried this sort of clean up before but there was a minimal turn up and so our initiatives have previously failed. After Tim approached me with this idea, I thought that it would inspire the community because members of the SA Army and the police are now also involved,” said Marcelle Booysen, the DA Ward Councillor.

Residents around the Sugar Loaf Hill area voiced their concerns with regards to the illegal dumping sites that have emerged and the Traffic Department have now become involved with issuing fines to people who are caught dumping their refuse where “NO DUMPING” signs have now been erected. Contractors, grass cutting companies and other businesses are the main culprits.

“People can now think of this litter as business opportunities, because they can collect the plastic bottles and sell it as well as use the garden refuse to make fertilizers,” said Booysen.

The community as a whole is now urged to take responsibility.


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