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Mark Hazell, a the story of renewed vitality

Mark Hazell believes strongly that what we eat is medicine and medicine is what we eat. Through his interest in his own health and in helping people become better and live healthier lives, he embodies this mantra.

Hazell had a change of life experience over 20 years ago when he had a suspected heart attack. This prompted him to begin research into the food he was eating and the way in which this food was being produced and ultimately what effect this had on his health.

“As a result I reassessed my life, I started to read and I read so much about health,” he said, “I just devoured the books in the library around health and wellness.”

In addition to this experience Hazell’s background in Horticulture, having studied and worked as a Horticulturalist in Durban for eight years, means that he has an understanding of how different aspects of the growth of a plant impact on those who eat it.

“Even when I was studying horticulture in Durban more than 40 years ago, sources were being manipulated,” he explained, “There were a whole bunch of us who were really concerned that we made the move from hybrid plants to indigenous plants.”

As much has the experience led to an introspective moment for Hazell, so did applying the same sort of evaluation to others, especially those in his family.

“We thought we had kids who had behavioral problems but we found it was actually dietary so we started to make some changes,” he explained.

“We began to see certain behavioral patterns…our eldest son landed up in hospital a few times on oxygen and he said to us ‘daddy why is it every time we eat KFC I end up in hospital and I can’t breathe?’ We later discovered that mono-sodium glutomate is an excitotoxin but it causes respiratory conditions in people like asthma,” he said.

These incidences opened up a new world of understanding for Hazell as he began to look at the links between what he and his family as well as others were eating and how they were feeling as a result. Although you’d never be able to tell it from his tall, slim frame Hazell states that he used to lack sufficient energy which he discovered was as a result of the struggle his body went through in processing what he was eating.

Through these discoveries and the encouragement, for 18 months, by a friend, he and his wife began a business venture called the Health and Home Business Connection.  In addition to helping others, this venture was started to generate a bit of saving money for the family and has ultimately became a very profitable.

Through this company they became independent distributors of Neolife, Golden & Nutriance (GNLD). GNLD hosts many products which are meant to provide and supplement diets with the nutrition required as per the person taking them.

In addition, Hazell is incredibly interested in educating people about the food they are currently eating and how they may be causing detriment to their health as a result.

“A lot of people I think don’t know they are living in a state of un-wellness because they don’t know what wellness is like,” he explained.

In conjunction with their positions as independent distributors of GNLD, the set-up of the Vitality Quotient (VQ) quiz on their GNLD webpage allows people to answer 10 simple questions about their health and well being following which they are given a VQ number which indicates the state of their health.

Through this work, Hazell has found great enjoyment and fulfilment in helping others come to live healthier and be aware of the food they are getting.

“Out of that has grown a passion for helping people change the way they actually live,” he said.

He takes his work seriously and on a very personal level, those who he personally advises keep in touch with him about the difference that they have experienced through his advice. Every testament is proof that what he does is making a difference.


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