Sleep diaries

The first week: so far so good

Unfortunately, I’ve had to rewrite, proofread and re-structure my diary entries for this sleep series due to a lack of clarity in the early hours of the morning. It appears I am not a morning person. Although I think it is fair to say that most would consider waking up at half past one every morning to be slightly more daunting than the usual sunrise ‘dawny’. A cup of coffee and a splash of water on the face usually does the trick, however needless to say, caffeine might not be the solution to my clouded thoughts at this time in the morning. A few posts have suggested that it is recommended to abstain from any stimulants. Having considered this, I have decided to quit drinking (alcohol) for the duration of this experiment – so far so good.

It has been one week since my adjustment phase and the segmented sleep schedule has proven difficult to maintain. I am experiencing slight fatigue and lower levels of concentration – symptoms of sleep deprivation. Supposedly, this is the first sign of adaptation. Sleeping in two, three and a half hour segments has its challenges. Firstly, waking up in the middle of the night in pure darkness; and secondly, waking up at seven am. Waking up in the middle of the night is exciting and has been a constant motivator for my experiment, however after having slept for a total of seven hours that have been divided into two segments leaves me drained of energy and all motivation in the morning.

So far I can tell that a lack of sleep undoubtedly hinders your mental capability before your physical ability is affected. I have stuck to my daily exercise routine of one half hour of swimming at mid-day, but academics have become more and more time consuming. At this point I am hopeful of the desired outcome: higher productivity.


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