Melatonin products: a natural alternative to sleeping pills

As we approach the end of swot week and the exam period begins to dawn on most students, the last thing that students should be worrying about is dealing with stress which could be said to be our body’s natural “fight or flight” and insomnia.

For this reason, students who have sought medical help in terms of being able to deal with the stress as well lack of sleep adequately have been recommended Melatonin products. These products are commonly used for the purpose of treating sleeping problems as well as jet lag.

Naturally Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland which is a small gland in the brain. It is the hormone that controls our sleeping and awaking cycles. Once this cycle is interrupted, the prescribed Melatonin products help to regulate our sleeping patterns.

“When the body’s biorhythm is disturbed by stress or insomnia or when it goes completely haywire, melatonin products can be used instead of sleeping tablets to help the body differentiate between night and day again,” explains Karen, a pharmacist at Wallace’s Pharmacy situated in Pepper Grove Mall, Grahamstown.

“Unlike sleeping tablets, melatonin products are not sedatives and do not knock you out. It is more relaxing and helps to regulate the body’s sleep cycle”, said Dr. Francois Zietsman a General Practitioner at Gainsford and Partners.

Melatonin products have however been evoked from health shops for the past two years and can be obtained from any local pharmacy only if prescribed. These products are commonly prescribed in addition to Biral which is taken by persons who feel anxious or stressed.

Students who do feel any amount of stress and anxiety and are experiencing any disruptions in their sleep cycle are urged to use these natural products instead of resorting to sleeping pills and other sedatives.


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