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Health Care Centre steps up on contraception

Rhodes Health Care Centre has set down plans to begin introducing Implant contraception to the contraceptive services it offers to students.

Currently the Health Care Centre offers various forms of contraception for women. These include the combined oral contraceptive pills offered by the Health Department, Triphasel and Nordette. These are available to all students for free; those using it for the first time are normally required to have an appointment with a nurse to discuss contraception.

Although they do not have female condoms in the centre itself they have male condoms in all the bathrooms and can direct students to the HIV office, located in the Steve Biko Union Building, where they can get the female condoms also supplied by the government.

Students who do not wish to use either of these methods are then offered the contraceptive injection as an alternative. The injections offered are Nur-Isterate and Petogen which are injections taken every two months and three months respectively.

While these are what are available, the Implant is soon to be added to the list.

“We are in the process of training the nurses in the implant,” said Lunga Jadi, administrator at the Health care Centre.  Once this training is completed they will be offering insertion of the Implanon implant for free. This comes just over a year after the government’s rollout of free implants in public health clinics across the country.

While they do not offer the IUD or Merina, they direct women to Settlers Hospital’s Women’s Health Centre where each week they have days allocated to implant and IUD insertion.


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