Meet The Writers

2015 Writers

Siphokazi Zama Tonic Editor

Siphokazi Zama
Tonic Editor

Siphokazi Zama is a 4th year Journalism student who has an interest in Pilates, cooking, baking and reading. She has a passion for writing and is currently having fun as co-editor of Tonic.


Jesamé Geldenhuys Tonic Editor

Jesamé Geldenhuys
Tonic Editor

Jesamé Geldenhuys is a Tonic co-editor alongside Siphokazi Zama. She is a 4th year Journalism student who enjoys  health, travelling and finding adventures.


Chanelle Prins

Chanelle Prins

Chanelle Prins is a 3rd year Journalism student. She finds herself motivated by the words of the late Maya Angelou, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Among other things she is easy going and has a fine appreciation for music.  

Jayson Squires

Jayson Squires

Jayson Squires is a 3rd year Journalism student who loves music, travelling, and most outdoor activities. He is currently conducting
legitimate research on the health benefits of beer and wine whilst trying to maintain a well-balanced

Johann Harmse

Johann Harmse

Johann Harmse is a 3rd year Journalism student studying writing and editing at Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape. His journalistic interests include journalistic photography, social analysis and historical journalism.

Leila Stein

Leila Stein

Third year Journalism student at Rhodes University. She is an avid reader, writer and compulsive traveler. While enjoying all aspects of health, her specific interests lie in nutrition and sexual well being.
Adriana Georgiades

Adriana Georgiades

Third year Journalism and Media Studies student at Rhodes university from Johannesburg who may be a bit too obsessed with Liverpool Football club. She is currently a sports, features, and arts & entertainment writer for the student newspaper Activate and the Tonic blog.

Jess Mathie

Jess Mathie

Third year Rhodent currently studying law, Journalism and English at Rhodes University with a not-so-secret passion for song-writing, story-finding, banana-Steri-Stumpi-drinking and finding time to breathe

2014 Writers

Kristen Birch: Journalism 4 writer


Jesame’ Goldenhuys: Journalism 3 writer

Youlendree Appasamy: Journalism 3 writer

Jantina Kamminga: Journalism 3 writer

Jess Trappe: Journalism 3 writer

Leah Solomon: Journalism 3 writer

Siphokazi Zama: Journalism 3 writer


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