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Holiday for your health

As the December holiday approaches and the year comes to an end it is time for some relaxing and getting away – holiday is good for the health. But, travel is expensive, and that is why I uncovered some of the best, beautiful spots not too far away from Grahamstown, for sun to soak your skin, fresh air to clean your lungs, and ocean waves to distress.


IMG-20150107-000401. Swartberg Pas – Die helm. This is a beautiful mountain drive not too far from Hartenbos with deep South African history. The rocky roads get narrow but take you to beautiful, quaint little towns that no-one even realizes exist.


IMG-20150426-001892. Nieu Bethesda. Helen Martins will haunt you as you walk through her sculptures and intimacies of her life. Electricity won’t bother you, because it won’t be there, and you’ll be off the radar for as long as you wish.


IMG-20141220-011663. Wilderness is a wilderness. Get lost on the beach or go to the canopy forests with the oldest trees.



4. Hogsback. The place of magic. There are fairy forests and hills that drown the skies. Hikes past waterfalls and labyrinths are any explorers dream.


IMG-20140408-006695. Cintsta. The little beach town that is so small you become it. With canoes to take you down the river throats, and… well… not much else except a backpackers and a few shops, you’ll be away from the world.


IMG-20140427-007076. Struisbaai. Right next door to Cape Agulhas, this is the bank of shipwrecks, penguin reserves, fishermen and white beaches. You can also stand on the most Southern point of Africa and watch the oceans collide.


IMG-20140427-007057. Stanford. A town of antiques, art and historic farmhouses, cusped by mountains there is a quirk air to this town. Have your mandala painted, or get lost in the atomic sculptures.


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