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bioinformatic healing?

Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations (SCiO) System.  Diagnostic machine. Electrophysiological biofeedback system. Bioenergetic information. Computer software tapped into subconscious. Scio means ‘to know’ in Latin and is a new form of alternative medicine through energy healing.

Robyn Teifel is at the machine, she specialises in indigo, quantaum, biofeedback therapy that includes treatments like body balancing, pain treatments, stress relief, emotional therapy, sports therapy and animal treatments.

The patient is strapped in. The device is a jelly plastic magnetic bottom cover that is positioned underneath her on the couch, and a velcro head strap with an arm and leg strap for each limb. Snakes of red wires slither down to a connecting hard-drive box with the Vitruvian Man printed on it and plugged into a laptop – picking up the vibrations, energies and magnetic fields of the body. Knobs and colourful beeping buttons face her, sporadically flicking green and orange at a breath or a movement.

“The device is now going to measure the energy of your body and give me biofeedback,” says Robyn. “I am going to leave so my frequencies don’t interfere.” Robyn looks like a little sparrow. Her petite, svelte stature and soft blonde hair radiates grace and she moves timidly as if pecking for little worms when she leaves the room.

Volts, amps, skin resistances, fluctuations and bio-calculations silently scan the depths of the horizontal woman’s body. The device sends electromagnetic signals, inputting a voltammetric signature to measure her body’s reaction. For an instant the woman feels as though she’s been abducted by aliens. Probing, prodding, her subconscious sucked dry of secrets and information.

The machine begins pumping through the energetic imbalances in her body and suddenly she feels exposed. Vitamin levels, nutrients, food substances, minerals, toxins, hormone levels, enzymes, natural sugars, balance of internal organs – the SCiO swims through these like a travelling parasite on her red blood cells, reading her body like braille.

Electro-energetic-magnetic healing became an option after a bout of ill health and medical trauma and an alternative solution to medication had been to experiment with this obscure type of healing.

When she opens up her eyes, Robyn has already returned. A tip tap of her keyboard begins as she goes over the figures, building a bioinformatics profile, and compares them against ‘standard’ bioinformatics data.

“You are so stressed,” Robyn tells her, as the computer reads her chemical make-up; lack of nutrients/vitamins and probably raised blood pressure.

The machine also reads deep subconscious plagues and concerns and begins taking shape of a magnetic psychologist and healer. Robyn translates and synthesizes the data SCiO picks up and communicates her results and understandings to the patient. They are spot on, like a subconscious spectroscope.

The most interesting part of the SCiO is its solution to healing. “The machine is now feeding back its own frequencies to realign damaging wave patterns. It gets down to your DNA to change the negative strands,” says Robyn.

Countries all over the world are beginning to design different types of SCiO machines, and the technology is becoming increasingly complex. A firm in Israel recently created a handheld scanner that uses beams of light to analyse the amounts of fat, carbs and proteins in food Although there are many scepticisms towards the SCiO machine, there is no doubt that it is an interesting tool in alternative medicine.


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