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Winter is coming

Winter is coming and unlike in Game of Thrones, it will not take about five seasons to descend upon us with its icy winds and brutal chill. In fact, as much as it pains me to have to say it, winter is already here. Gone are the days of shorts and t-shirts and the search for a complete pair of socks has begun, and so have the sniffles. It’s inevitable: with winter comes the flu and the common cold, and people drop like flies.


The common cold, like the mosquito or that empty air you find in chip packets, is a useless inexplicable annoyance that most people will encounter. At first, you’ll feel the sniffles, then your throat is on fire and before you know it, you think you’re dying.



Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of way you can avoid getting sick this season:

1. Sleep

All the chronic nappers will probably celebrate this piece of advice, but there is growing evidence of a link between a good night’s sleep and a strong immune system, so make assure to get enough rest.


 2. Stay away from cigarettes

This one is fairly obvious. Cigarettes irritate your airways and lungs, so try to avoid smoking when you’re feeling a bit under the weather as it will only add fuel to the flu-ish fire.


3. And alcohol

Like cigarettes, alcohol will do nothing to decrease your risk of getting sick as it firstly weakens your immune system and secondly perpetuates unhealthy eating and drinking.


4. And sick people

If someone you know is already sick, and that sickness is contagious, the most logical thing to do is stay away from them. Skype them, text them, write on their wall on Facebook but by all means, do not put yourself in the line of fire.


5. Don’t touch your face

The best way for cold and flu viruses to enter your system is through your nose, eyes and mouth. Touching your face is an easy way to transfer germs into your system and get you sick. If you’re already sick, try not to sneeze or cough directly into your hands either and use a tissue ort handkerchief instead.


6. Drink fluids

Water is obviously your best friend even when you’re not trying to avoid getting sick, but it becomes even more important when you are because it keeps you hydrated and healthier. If you are already sick, tea with ginger, lemon and honey is a great natural way to ease pain in the throat and clear the sinuses.



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