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Contraception: The Emergency Pill

There are a lot of rumours that go around about Emergency Contraception, or what is known commonly as the morning after pill. If you ask different girls the fact is, you will come out with a significant amount of varied and largely incorrect answers.

Here the myths about the pill will be debunked.

How does it work?

Currently there are two pills branded as emergency pills which are available over the counter, the Plan B and Plan B one (one dose) pill. However, when these are not available it is possible to take recommended doses of the normal combined pill which then acts as an emergency pill.

This pill gives the body an extra dose the female hormone oestrogen. This extra dose works by keeping a woman’s ovary from releasing an egg for longer than usual. This is to prevent the sperm meeting the egg. It is important to note that pregnancy is not instant and thus this pill prevents the process.

So, it’s not a mini-abortion?

No it is not, taking this pill prevents the pregnancy, it does not terminate the pregnancy.

How long do I have to take it?

The window for taking the emergency pill is 120 hours. Common knowledge dictates it to be set at 72 hours but this is not the case. However, the sooner it is taken the quicker the effect it will have on your body.

Is it true it can only be taken three times?

This is not true; the emergency pill can be taken multiple times and does not cause damage to any of the internal organs involved. However, the more times it is used it becomes less effective as the body gets used to the jump in hormones.

If normal combination pills can be used then why do I need to take them before?

Normal combination pills can be used in certain dosages and act as emergency pills. For example, Nordette can be used by taking four pills and then another four 12 hours later. As a result the body gets the right amount of hormones. However, the continuous use of the normal combination pill


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