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Contraception: The Female Condom

It’s not pretty but it’s effective

Female condoms are big and intimidating, to say the least. But these days, female condoms are a useful alternative to the chemical birth control methods out there. Thosewho are not comfortable with hormone altering methods can look to female condoms to take charge of their sexual health.

Female condoms help prevent both pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. It is also beneficial for those who are allergic to latex, a very common allergy, which is the material that male condoms are made out of.

The female condom is a long tubular shape with one flexible ring that is inserted into the vagina. On the other end is an opening that sits comfortably outside of the vagina. This ensures that the entire vagina’s inner walls and cervix are covered

While the female condom is beneficial it has a strong stigma attached that makes its popularity significantly less than the male condom. This stigma is that those who use it are “asking for it” and that it is unsightly. This also has made the availability of the female condom lower than that of the male condom – which is available in almost every public bathroom in most countries.

When used correctly all the time, the female condom can be up to 95% effective. However, this is lowered when it is not inserted correctly.

The lack of promotion of the female condoms is disappointing. In an effort to promote this form of female contraception which falls outside the more accepted hormone methods, September 16th is Global Female Condom day.

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