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Tissue salts

By Siphokazi Zama

Have you ever wondered what tissue salts are? What they are used for? Whether they are safe to use? Dr Chiquita Vosloo answered all these questions at a talk she gave on Tuesday evening, 28 October 2014.

Tissue salts are 12 inorganic mineral salts that naturally occur in the human body. They are also commonly found in salts and rocks and are always in solid form. They are very safe to use and can also be given to dogs if they are unwell. They can also be used alongside conventional medicine.

According to Dr Vosloo, when there is an imbalance of these minerals in the body, the person becomes vulnerable to infections and diseases. “Tissue salts help heal you from the inside. If you are well on the inside, it becomes visible on the outside. As homeopaths, we can tell if you are unwell, just by looking at your skin tone” said Vosloo.

The 12 tissue salts can be used for various ailments. For example, tissue salt one which is known as Calc flour is used to help restore elasticity. Tissue salt two, Calc phos, helps with bone regrowth and helps quicken the healing of slow healing wounds and those recovering from a serious illness. Ferrum phos, which is tissue salt four, is very helpful for ladies who are anaemic and should be used alongside their iron supplement to help avoid constipation.  During exam time, students should consider using tissue salt six which is known as Kali phos. It is the nerve nutrient and helps relieve nervous tension, anxiety, physical exhaustion and pain.

Dr Vosloo recommending products to the audience.

Dr Vosloo recommending products to the audience.

Dr Vosloo also talked about the importance of other natural cures. “Sun exposure is vital to getting a good night’s sleep. Get out the office at lunch time and get some Vitamin D” said Vosloo. The importance of respecting your body’s natural clock was also stressed.

Vosloo stated; “You should wake up immediately when your body wakes up. It knows how much sleep you need and if you get too much or too little, it will leave you feeling sluggish and sleepy all day.”

In conclusion, Dr Vosloo cautioned the audience that just because a product is more expensive, it doesn’t mean it works better than a natural product.


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