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Making a difference one strand at a time

By Jessica Trappe

The annual Cansa Shavathon took place on 9 October outside the Union Lawns at Rhodes University. The Shavathon which is a fund raising event also aimed at creating awareness of Cancer and providing students with an opportunity to show their support for survivors.

Carey Moraldi and her team were on site to film the event. The Shavathon was well attended with number of individuals agreeing to have their heads shaved or at the very least spray painted.

The TV crew filmed a variety of scenes, including people getting their heads shaved and spray painted. Here Adam Randera a first year student gets his hair shaved off on film by Roxanne Morrison.

Charmaine Tshangana volunteers to spray paint hair on the day. For those who were not keen to go bald, spray painting was a fun alternative that also supported the cause.

Sheldon Hughes a volunteer shaves Roxanne Morrison (also a volunteer). Individuals getting their hair shaved off or spray painted donated towards the Shavathon cause.

Despite being a cheap haircut, many individuals participated to honour friends and family members who have/had cancer. Adam Randera decided to participate because his mother is a cancer survivor.

Many individuals opted not to go totally bald, here Randera gets a close cut shave by Morrison.

A brush lies on a chair, about to be picked up at any time to brush bits of hair off an individual who just had his hair shaved.

Bits of hair from a variety of individuals lie discarded on the grass as the event comes to a close.


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