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Introducing the inglorious strawberry

By Kristen Birch

I am sure by now our readers can tell that the writers here at thehealthybugs are big fans of the new shop in Grahamstown called Earth’s Produce. Jesame Geldenhuys has already written two reviews on them and they have only been open for a few months.  

Having recently written a piece myself on the campaign in France called Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables, whereby the supermarket branch Intermarché  is selling “imperfect” fruit and veg in their stores at a cheaper price to decrease food waste, I decided to take a picture of the kind of inglorious fruits and veg that I have been munching on lately.

So, here it is: the inglorious strawberry.

My point is not to show you a picture of a deformed strawberry so that you can be repulsed and never buy imperfect produce again, but rather to encourage you to embrace this movement.

I have, and it has been an extremely delicious experience.

All the fruit and veg that I buy is either grown by the owner of Earth’s Produce or it is sourced from local organic farmers. I have even been able to buy locally-made (and much healthier) yoghurt and feta cheese from this shop.

Why not go give it a try yourself?


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