The real price of cheap poultry

After reading this I realised, buying organic chicken does not only benefit one’s health, but does not jeopardise the health of those who are providing the poultry.

Forked magazine

By Andrew Wasley

Supermarket chicken is making us sick, as the recent scandal over the spread of the potentially-deadly campylobacter bug revealed.

But cheap poultry is also linked to poor conditions for some (mainly migrant) workers toiling in Britain’s vast slaughterhouses and processing factories.

Channel 4’s latest Dispatches programme, Supermarkets: the real price of cheap food, highlights the plight of some Portuguese agency workers employed at a poultry processing plant in Suffolk.

“The lines start going at a crazy speed, I’m treated like a machine, not a person,” one worker tells the programme. Another says: “They don’t know how to speak English so they can’t get work anywhere else. They shut their mouth and do the work.”

Such experiences and views are far from unique, particularly for agency workers on so-called flexible contracts.

“You expect to work the whole week, but if an order gets cancelled or they don’t…

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